Port In Use

Port Assignments for Commonly-Used Services 50 out of 58 rated this helpful – Rate this topic There are many services associated with the Windows 2000 operating system. These services might require more than one TCP or UDP port for the service to be functional. Table C.3 shows the default ports that are used by each serviceĐọc tiếp “Port In Use”

A List of Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 7!

Calculator Keyboard Shortcuts Alt+1 Switch to Standard mode Alt+2 Switch to Scientific mode Alt+3 Switch to Programmer mode Alt+4 Switch to Statistics mode Alt + C Calculate or solve date calculations and worksheets Ctrl + E Open date calculations Ctrl + H Turn calculation history on or off Ctrl + L Press the MC button Ctrl + M Press the MS button Ctrl +Đọc tiếp “A List of Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 7!”

Shell Command in Window 7!

   Tip You can find the shell commands listed at this registry location:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\explorer\FolderDescriptions    Note The Shell commands that are new in Windows 7 from Vista are bolded in red.You can use the shell commands with either format below: shell:command OR explorer shell:command Shell Command Path of Folder it Opens shell:AddNewProgramsFolder Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\GetĐọc tiếp “Shell Command in Window 7!”

Run Commands for Windows 7

Administrative ToolsAdministrative Tools = control admintoolsAuthorization Manager = azman.mscComponent Services = dcomcnfgCertificate Manager = certmgr.mscDirect X Troubleshooter = dxdiag Display Languages = lpksetupODBC Data Source Administrator = odbcad32File Signature Verification Tool = sigverifGroup Policy Editor = gpedit.mscAdd Hardware Wizard = hdwwiz.cpliSCSI Initiator = iscsicplIexpress Wizard = iexpressLocal Security Settings = secpol.mscMicrosoft Support Diagnostic Tool = msdtMicrosoft Management Console = mmcPrint management = printmanagement.mscPrinter User Interface = printuiProblems Steps Recorder = psrPeople Near Me = p2phost RegistryĐọc tiếp “Run Commands for Windows 7”

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