Top Five Reasons Your Company Needs VMware Horizon View 5.2


VMware Horizon View is a universal client solution that enables users to access their desktops, data, and applications as they’ve come to expect – anywhere, anytime, and from any device. With the advent of the personal computer, the IT group lost control of desktop computing, and now it’s time to seize control of the end user computer again and move it back into the datacenter. VMware Horizon View provides this opportunity. With VMware Horizon View, users get an individualized view of their applications and data on any device of their choosing; virtual desktops do not need the complexity, power, or operational expenses like physical desktops. Data and applications are secure in the datacenter with logical and physical security, plus administrators can quickly respond to application demands, provisioning more resources as needed. Horizon View can provision additional desktops without administrator intervention, reducing manual tasks associated with provisioning for additional capacity and new users. Virtual machines (VMs) are easy to copy, simplifying business continuity planning and disaster recovery. Thin clients consume approximately ten percent of the actual power consumption of a physical desktop. There are five top reasons why your company needs VMware Horizon View 5.2:
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